Where Was He?


The funny thing about writing is you could have a million stories to tell on a subject, but you lack the inspiration or the desire. That’s exactly what has happened to me lately. My inbox has been full of dating stories that I have done nothing with. I have my own arsenal of stories, but they too have laid dormant. Without inspiration my writing is nothing and because of that I haven’t posted in a while.

Lately I have found it incredibly hard to find anything to write about that doesn’t revolve around Politics. There is so much hate and war and crime that I find myself struggling to not write something of more value. I’ve tried to always make it a point of mine to leave politics as a personal belief. To leave it off my blog and all other forms of social media.

That however, has become increasingly harder for me to do with the imminent threat of ISIS, the devastating state of our economy, and of course it doesn’t help that I have this burning passion to tell the world my thoughts. The issue with politics is they’re so controversial. Nobody wants to listen to the other side and take into consideration what they have to say or what they have to offer.

That being said the Democrats and Republicans in Washington are all the same. They’re all corrupt and I’m finding it harder and harder to believe that any of them have the best interest of the American people at heart. All they care about are their Benjamin’s. $$$$

I love this country. I love America. I bleed Red, White, and Blue and I have only the deepest and greatest gratitude for our service men and woman, the true American Hero’s.

I don’t like to associate myself with one party or the other. I associate myself with my personal beliefs and morals, but I definitely know that I fall further to the Right than to the left.

What has been bothering me the most lately is ISIS and how our President is responding to them, or more or less, not responding to them.

The first “I” in ISIS stands for ISLAMIC yet Washington is hesitant to say we are at war with Islam. Why? I’m not here to point finger and group everyone into a big category. I’m not going to say all Muslims are bad.

However, we are at war with the people who will kill for or in the name of “Allah;” the radical Muslims, the followers of Islam. These people use Islam as their reasoning to destroy America, to destroy Christianity, to destroy Judaism, and to destroy anyone who doesn’t believe in their God. They are Radical Islamist and yet, our leaders (our President) are having a hard time calling them for what they are. How do you win a war if you can’t, or more if you WON’T, identify the underlying problem?

Three Muslims get killed and the President comes out and makes a statement (during an open investigation, nonetheless) and says (and I’m definitely summarizing and paraphrasing) how terrible it is that Muslims are being targeted in America. As far as I know, they were killed because a man had severe road rage and they were in a dispute over a parking spot. We don’t know if that is or isn’t the case because it’s STILL AN OPEN INVESTIGATION, but I do know that President Obama’s “statement” or “commentary” doesn’t belong.

Oh, but I know. He’s a compassionate President who wants to shed light on a major concern.

So tell me, where was his compassion in September of 2014 when 54 year old Oklahoma Colleen Hufford’s head was severed from her body by a co-worker who recently converted to Islam and was reportedly “saying Arabic terms in his attack.” Tell me, where was our President and all his compassion then? Of course, many of you will stand up and shake your fist and say “this was a workplace dispute!” “This man just lost his job!” “It had nothing to do with Religion. How dare you bring religion into this?” Is this not the same type of situation as the three men that were killed over what appears to be a parking dispute?


So then let’s move on, where was our President in June of 2014 when 19-year old Brendan Tevlin was viciously murdered by Mr. Ali Muhammad Brown? When asked about the reasoning behind his murder Mr. Brown stated that it was a “just kill.” That he killed this 19-year old with a big future ahead of him because he didn’t believe in the war, and it was revenge, one American for one Muslim. Tell me, WHERE WAS OUR PRESIDENT? WHERE WAS HE?

(Probably out golfing.)

Are you trying to tell me that these two American lives that were taken by Muslims, one we know for a fact was because of religion, aren’t worthy of his attention? Were they not worthy of a statement saying “American’s are being targeted by Radical Islamist?”

Of course not, because we must understand and sympathize with these terrorists. We must understand their grievances, because surely if they all had jobs, they wouldn’t be doing this. Right?

Just a little food for thought.


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